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Shipping Orders

Your 16″ pizza (serves 4-6 people) will be made fresh to order, frozen overnight, and shipped the next day.  They are pre-sliced (8 Slices), packed inside a resealable freezer bag to maintain freshness and then placed inside an insulated container with ice packs for shipping anywhere in the USA.  The shipping price includes transportation via UPS, ice packs, and an insulated container.

Important Shipping Information – Please read before placing your order.

All products are shipped using UPS 3 Day Select, 2 day air or UPS Ground. Although our software will offer all shipping options available to your location, Ground is NOT recommended in select states as shown below.

Due to rigorous shipping criteria New York Slices ships on the following schedule.

  • Ground Shipping leaves our location on Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday.
  • Second Day Air leaves our location on Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday.
  • 3 Day Select leaves our location on Monday – Tuesday.
  • Orders received after 12 noon of the last shipping day above will be shipped the following Monday.
  • Special delivery arrangements (weekends, overnight, etc.) can be made by calling New York Slices at 847-432-6979

New York Slices guarantees freshness and quality unless orders are shipped “Ground” to states listed below.

Order Your New York Style Pizzas Now from NY Slices


**UPS 3 Day Select and Second Day Air is available in all 50 States.

*UPS Ground is NOT available in the following states*  We will not guarantee freshness if Ground is chosen to ship orders to these states. 

NY Slices-UPS-Ground-No-delivery-states

Ground – 1 to 3 days depending on location.  All other orders will be in transit as follows:

  • Second Day Air – 2 days
  • 3 Day Select – 3 Day


    • I ordered a pizza from you today and I was very pleased! Being from Brooklyn originally, I prefer the NY style pie hands down to the Chicago version. Thanks for bringing a taste of the Big Apple to the north shore.Scott H.
    • I am a traditionalist that realizes the true way to eat pizza is Deep Dish. However, I wanted to give NY Slices a chance. Their service is amazing. The counter man was extremely helpful informing us of their selection of Pizza. They also have a nice selection of specialty rolls. The garlic roles were tasty and we also had a spinach mushroom roll that was innovative.Alan
    • We ordered in advance and set a time for pick-up on our way to show at Ravinia--our pizza and garlic rolls were hot and fresh--ready right on time. I would definitely recommend them as an alternative to overpriced Ravinia fare.Jen
    • I can say that this is the best and closest authentic east coast pizza that I've found in Chicagoland. New York Slices is a little bit of New York in Chicago. Their pizza is excellent; everything I knew when I lived on the east coast.A drifter from Michigan