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When I first started New York Slices I wanted to offer a little variety when it came to the types of pizza offered in the Chicago land area.  Most Chicago natives at one time or another have tried a deep dish pizza and even a traditional thin crust but have most of them ever had a true New York Pizza Pizza Pie?  Growing up my father and I often shared some of our best conversations together over a New York pizza pie.  Like many pizza lovers we too had our favorites and often  traveled near and far to experience, enjoy and just hang out together while enjoying a New York pizza pie.

Coming from a large family of native New Yorkers, I wanted to bring a piece of the Big Apple to the Windy City.  Thus began the quest for a traditional New York Style Pie and the tastes associated with an old school New York style pizzeria.
NY Slices New York Style Pizza-veggie cheese pizzaThe original recipe for our New York Slices pizza began in Lindenhurst, New York with the help of the famous Chef Bruno.  Chef Bruno, a traditional Italian chef, states that, “You can teach anyone to throw a pizza, but it’s almost impossible to make a New York style dough.”  With Chef Bruno’s expertise and patience we mastered the art of making traditional NY style pizza pies.

Fortunately for New York Slices patrons, our chefs here possess the necessary skills able to add the right combination of ingredients by instinct, touch, and taste.  Combining our recipe with our chef’s special finishing touches, New York Slices was ready to bring a taste of New York to the suburbs of Chicago.

In 2006, as a tribute to my late father (Lewis Greenbaum, 1999) the dream became a reality when New York Slices opened its doors in downtown Highland Park, IL 60035.  Many displaced New Yorkers living in the Chicago area have come from as far away as Huntley, Naperville, and even Racine, WI to enjoy an authentic New York style pizza.

In 2008 New York Slices’ popularity and New York Style Pizza rave reviews led us to launch our frozen pizza line … “New York Slices on Ice”.  This traditional treat offers the same great New York style pizza to those at home wanting to “Grab a Slice” anytime.  Fully baked and frozen our unique packaging (individual slices in a resealable freezer bag) is perfect for the daily snacker, the on the go family (like mine), or entertaining.  Just remove the individual slices from the bag, heat up in your toaster or conventional oven at 425 and wait approximately 7 minutes.  It’s that easy.

To learn more about store locations that offer our “New York Slices on Ice” … and how to order our pizzas online go to our Online Ordering page.  Whether you want a  “Hot-n-Fresh” or “Fresh-n-Frozen” our authentic New York Slices can accommodate any craving any time.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mark Greenbaum & Family

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    • I ordered a pizza from you today and I was very pleased! Being from Brooklyn originally, I prefer the NY style pie hands down to the Chicago version. Thanks for bringing a taste of the Big Apple to the north shore.Scott H.
    • I am a traditionalist that realizes the true way to eat pizza is Deep Dish. However, I wanted to give NY Slices a chance. Their service is amazing. The counter man was extremely helpful informing us of their selection of Pizza. They also have a nice selection of specialty rolls. The garlic roles were tasty and we also had a spinach mushroom roll that was innovative.Alan
    • We ordered in advance and set a time for pick-up on our way to show at Ravinia--our pizza and garlic rolls were hot and fresh--ready right on time. I would definitely recommend them as an alternative to overpriced Ravinia fare.Jen
    • I can say that this is the best and closest authentic east coast pizza that I've found in Chicagoland. New York Slices is a little bit of New York in Chicago. Their pizza is excellent; everything I knew when I lived on the east coast.A drifter from Michigan